Come and enjoy a place surrounded by valleys, rivers, and mountains. A perfect spot to relax and discover the culture of the coffee region.

Eco Hotel La Cabaña

Eco Hotel La Cabaña opened its doors in 2015 with the aim of providing guests with a unique, family-friendly accommodation option filled with experiences. We transformed our grandparents' farm to offer you all the comfort of a hotel while preserving traditions and a love for the countryside and agriculture.


Connect from anywhere in our hotel.


Included buffet breakfast that will surprise you every day.


Unique location in the Cocora Valley, just 5 minutes from Salento.


Horseback Riding to Santa Rita Waterfall

About Us

We are a family dedicated to preserving the traditions of our ancestors in an environment of social and environmental responsibility. A family that wants to share with visitors the stories and narratives that are now part of the intangible heritage of Quindío and the Coffee Axis.

We invite our guests to walk through wooded trails, practice bird watching, ride through valleys and mountains, taste elements of rural gastronomy fused with haute cuisine, savor coffee from our coffee-growing region. Experience milking in the early morning and share a night around a bonfire.

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+57 315 5408132

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